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Paul Lappin, Course Manager, Kirkistown Castle Golf Club

I trialled “Coburn’s Phased Release” in mid-September 2011, I applied it @ 25g/m2 to my turf nursery. After a moderate initial flush, a manageable growth rate and good colour continued late into November. The nursery is pure sand and this is the only product I have tried which gave decent longevity on this site. Constant heavy rain throughout most of the trial period did not seem to cause excessive leaching. I used it in 2012 on Tees and heavily trafficked areas. I got the same excellent response and longevity.

Damien Doherty, Links Superintendent, North West Golf Club

Coburn’s All fescue Mix- I overseeded in the Autumn with a Special All Fescue mix tailor made for me by Coburn’s. Results were outstanding using the Vredo overseeder. I chose Coburn’s seeds because you get good quality seed with good results.

Wilson Gaw, Head GreenkeeperMahee Island Golf Club

“I used Coburn’s Phased Release 18/3.5/8 fertiliser on my greens. I needed recovery after the very difficult spring and this fertiliser gave me what I needed. The price makes this product so affordable that I intend to use it on greens, tees & aprons.”

Gary BairdGB Landscapes

“It’s not just the quality of the products that he relies on from Coburn’s, but their expert advice. “The service provided by Coburn’s really is second to none. I can rely on their team to answer any query I might have, as well as knowing that the products they provide are consistently excellent. Having this level of expertise to draw on is crucial whenever we’re involved in such major projects, which require an incredible amount of time and resources to get right. We look forward to working with Coburn’s on more award-winning projects in the future! ”